Going back in time could only be done by Wolverine, so I traveled back into an era of beginnings. I was into the movie for about 20 minutes and I was so upset with one line that I stopped watch the movie and deleted it from my DVR. I am tired of entertainment media tearing up the happenings of history. The one line suggested that one of the main characters assassinated President John F. Kennedy, stating that the x-man was the only one with powers over metal and turning a bullet in mid-air. Children are so vulnerable with their truths and consider the movie world to be truth. When I heard the line stated by James McAvoy my mind went into shock. As of yet I still do not know who committed the crime of murdering a president and I do not know anyone else who is privy to that information. I do know that all the Kennedy’s lives will have to become souls before that information is allowed for public consumption… To take such liberties in the making of films, history itself should not be distorted in truths so a line in the script can betray the “real world truth”. I find reality is essential to our children, reality of not distorting history when history has not been made as of yet. Thank you for reading my post.