52 Deck of Bicycle 

When a card shark has one card we all know enough to bet on the shark.  As United States citizens we are being we have the right to speak our mind, have an opinion; but wait.  Can we speak what is on our minds?  I surely hope so, for I’m about to pour my “low cast system”s” brain unto you, the public.

Already  the media has Hiliary Clinton’s face on every channel informing us where she is going to speak next week and next month.  They show her smiling and joking and commentators mentioning the next Presidential  election.  If my memory serves me correctly…… I remember Mrs. Clinton having a “hissy fit” on the television, while she was still Secretary of State when asked the question about a diplomat and three other gentleman dying because there was not enough security.  I do not need to mention names for I am respecting the families who lost loved ones.  This publicity by the media is free and frankly I am tired of all those people close to her and people far away who will be reimbursed for all the aid given to her.  I am sorry for all those upper class people paying to hear her speak but will not consider helping the poor.  Oh, I was shown by CNN how people close to those in Washington involve friends to do jobs and no matter what the bid is for the job, those people are assured to have the contract in their back pocket.  They say this is legal.  This is for the Democratic party. 

Let invite the Republicans into this conundrum ……… Now we have Jeb Bush showing his face and the media mentioning the  next Presidential election.  I truly am fed up with everything.  

The last item that came down the pike while I was just sitting here on listening how bad Congress has ignored their duties and the Senators holding up their end with a “penny nail”.  Now take the  whole picture and we are told how badly their job review came out in the end and these same people are the only people I know that can give themselves a raise in their pay checks which when they retire with a Social Security check large enough to buy the mansion in Atlanta that a young entertainer will be ousted because of his actions (made this statement so you know which mansion I  was referring to)….While people who are taking jobs under the minimum wage and their pay checks from Social Security would not pay the paper boys’ salary.,            

In my next blog I will talk about reduction to our military forces and comments made that this will take us back before WWII.  Before WWII everyone was standing in bread lines so they could have one meal a day.