I am frustrated to think that a woman, the same woman in charge of our embassies around the world  waiting to attend a hearing regarding deaths of four great  men was taken to the hospital due to a fall and and injury to her head.  The worst incident since the capture of hostages back in the 1970’s.  How could this woman even consider the Presidency of the United States of America when she cannot keep it together and testify at the hearings.  It is unfortunate for I never to find the testimony on CNN.  I truly do not care for a husband and wife team having that Oval Office, the complexity of a job like the Presidency or the decision making to a woman who has medical problems.  I am a woman myself and I would love to be President  and all the respect that is attached to that position.  If it is a ruse than for the sake of your children and all the people  please stop this “is she or isn’t she” game they are playing.  I feel very sad when a well respected  news  channel uses this for higher ratings.  If anything I would rather turn it off, collect my thoughts and ask the question , “why all the cute photos of this woman and her ex-President who admitted to cheating on this woman while he was the President.  The poor people of this nation are very rarely shown, only during Thanksgiving………..    People of the world please realize one thing, we do not think we are better than our fellow-man,  look into the eyes of a hungry children here or an adult who cannot feed or clothe their own families..

Thank you for reading.    This was a poor person’s account  …………the names were not changed for their are no innocence in this  soul searching cast system that is not suppose to exist,   but  it does exist.